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  • Peace of mind when parking in congested areas

  • Cost effective against repairs  

  • Stress free parking whilst shopping

  • Conveniently stowed in your car door storage pocket

  • Use in any weather conditions

  • Robust, durable and will last for many years to come

  • Includes a Pvc coated flexible steel Anti-Theft cable as standard

  • Ouchi is universal and will protect any vehicle but please note: There are some types of vehicles that use aluminium, fiberglass or plastic for some parts of the bodywork so please ensure your vehicle door is steel.

Reduce neighbouring car door impact whilst parked up in a public car park, supermarket or retail park thanks to our carefully crafted, highly efficient and effective magnetic car door guard, which is uniquely designed to be conveniently rolled up and stored away in the car door storage pocket or glove compartment. Our amazing innovative product is constructed from moulded silicone, two strong rare earth magnets, and a central spring-steel plate, the quality, strength and rigidity of this protector is unrivaled

Estimated Delivery: 2 to 4 working days

Royal Mail First Class (UK Mainland)

For Worldwide and Europe can be viewed via checkout 

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