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We Make Cars & Drivers Happy

  • A premium magnetic car door protector. Made of high quality, eco-friendly silicone and sealed, non-scratch magnets, this protection system is designed and assembled here in the UK.

  • Simple to use and extremely effective with its silicone coated, scratch-free, sealed magnets. Simply unroll and feel it click into shape and position onto your car. A few seconds instead of a few hundred pounds of damage.

  • Anti-Theft Technology: We use a strong PVC coated steel cable and a silicone molded magnet to keep your investment safe. Just place the magnet on the inside of your door and shut it inside to ensure it can’t be taken.

  • Works with any steel car body and door making it extremely versatile. Please check your car door is steel.

  • Simply rolls up for storage and fits perfectly into your door storing compartments.

  • Dimensions: Length - 850mm / 33.5 inch (Not including the security cable) Width - 45mm / 1.75 inch


Park and Protect

Our amazing innovative product is constructed from moulded silicone, two strong rare earth magnets, and a central spring-steel plate, the quality, strength and rigidity of this protector is unrivaled

Anti-Theft Design comes as Standard

Protect your investment with our unique pvc coated steel cable and silicone moulded magnet, easy and convenient to use, just  place on the side of the door and close, it also allows you to freely open and close the door without any adjustments

Roll it and Store it Design TM

Dent Protector cannot be used whilst your vehicle is in motion, so with this in mind, we have designed it so you can roll it up and store it in your car door storage pocket when not in use.

Dent Protector for car doors

"We seek to develop the most creative, innovative, and high-value products that truly protect and give peace of mind"


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